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Grapples for all size machines


Log Grapple

Manual or hydraulic Rotation

This log grapple is the perfect tool for the job, whether you’re working in the log yard or clearing land.

ES Vertical Extreme Grapples

Up to110HP

The vertical extreme grapple is great for tackling your biggest jobs. It is ideal for land clearing, and it works like a rake, allowing the dirt to fall through.

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Xtreme Grapple rake

Up to 110HP

The Xtreme grapple rakes are excellent for raking up and grappling shallow roots, brush, debris and logs.

Brush Grapples

Up to 70HP

Designed for tractors and skid steers, the Heavy Duty Brush grapple is perfect for those smaller to mid sized machines being used commercially, without restricting lift capacity.


Rock Bucket Grapple

Feel the Power

The Rock Grapple is a fundamental implement for separating rocks from dirt as well as for contractors clearing a lot for site building. It is also essential for storm damage clean up. The Rock Grapple is ideal for sifting out large rocks and debris. Excellent in pastures, lawns or construction sites.

Economy Grapple rake

Up to 60HP

 These grapples work excellent for raking debris and brush into piles for burning or loading.

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