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Carolina XBC-7 GenII

Starting at $6,400+

60" 72" 78" Direct Drive Cutters

☆7" diameter cutting capacity.

☆ Powerful Eaton char-lynn motor

☆Standard 15GPM-30GPM flow range, cover 99% of all machines (Highflow motor available)

☆Optional Mulching teeth

☆Optional Full slotted debris guard 

☆Angled deck sides allow for better flow of material

☆Raised deck back to allow for much greater clearing of material

☆Cuts within 1"-2" of ground level

☆Top side blade bolt access hole, for quick & easy blade changes

☆1" deck mount flange

☆3/4" blade holder mounting flange

☆1.25" motor spline shaft(standard size on 99% of hydraulic motors)

☆4" bearing spindle shaft

☆8 bolt mounting pattern for blade holder

☆9 bolt mounting pattern for deck mount

☆4 bolt mounting pattern for motor to bearing housing

☆12 bolt mounting pattern for seal/bearing assembly

☆3/4" mounting flange on motor to bearing housing

☆ 🇺🇸 made Parker brand hydraulic hoses

☆parker flat face hydraulic couplers

☆open front design with push bar

☆1-way h-valve protects motor from accidental reversals

☆hoses routed inside hookup plate to prevent tears

☆Kevlar-style hose protection sleeve

☆5/8" AR400 hardened steel blades

☆replaceable bolt on skid shoes

☆slotted HD motor cover to increase airflow and hydraulic cooling

☆universal skid steer hookup

Carolina XBC-7: Product
Carolina XBC-7: Pro Gallery
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