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Carolina Attachments Mini X Brush Cutter

44" cutting width

Carolina attachments newest excavator brush cutter has open deck ends with a push bar on both sides, this cutter easily pushes over and cuts brush, grass and trees up to 4" diameter. We use a bolt on hookup mount to accommodate mounts for most newer machines, so if you switch machines in the future there's no need to have to purchase all new Attachments, just order the new hookup plate. Additional motor options coming soon!


☆44" cutting width

☆4" diameter cut capacity

☆5/8" x 6" AR 500 cutting blades

☆3 blade design

☆3 rows or carbide tipped mulching teeth

☆14-25gpm flow range

☆3/8" inner deck wear bars

☆3/16" main deck

☆3/8" deck bracing

☆8' parker machine hoses

☆Flat face hydraulic couplers

☆double sided blades

☆65hp direct drive omni gearbox

☆hydraulic motor relief block

☆hd slotted motor cover

☆bolt-on hookup base plate


Current hookups we offer:

John Deere 50d, 50g, 60d, 60g

Kubota U55, KX057, LX191

Kubota U35, KX040, KX71, KX91, KX121, KX033

Bobcat quick exchange

Waine Roy

TAG quick coupler

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