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Economy Grapple rake

Up to 60HP

All new product, dual tine grapple rake. These are great for brush, debris and logs. With the dual split tine design, the grapple tines close tight to adjust for uneven loads.


60"-$2,000 (570LBS)

66"-$2,100 (590 LBS)

72"-$2,200 (625 LBS)

78"-$2,300 (645 LBS)

☆Removable top tine center section

☆100% 🇺🇸 steel

☆1/2" grapple tines

☆3/8" bottom tines and gussets

☆Dual 2" x 8" cylinders

☆Parker 🇺🇸 made hoses and couplers

☆42" opening height

Economy Grapple rake: Product
Economy Grapple rake: Pro Gallery
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