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Rock Bucket Grapple

The PFW Rock Grapple is a fundamental implement for separating rocks from dirt as well as for contractors clearing a lot for site building. It is also essential for storm damage clean up. The Rock Grapple is ideal for sifting out large rocks and debris. Excellent in pastures, lawns or construction sites. 





  • Commercial duty 

  • Dual cylinders 

  • Bolt-on removable sides 

  • Cylinder Rod covers 

  • 1-1/4 Greaseable Pins 

  • 800-850lbs

  • Two-tone powder coated

  • Hoses and couplers included

  • 4-3/4” Tine Spacing 

  • 4” Tube

  • 3/8” tines 

  • Rated up to 85hp machines 

(We can get you Extreme Models with 1/2” tines for 85HP+)

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