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Xtreme Grapple Rake

Starting at $3,200

The Carolina Attachments extreme grapple rake now comes standard with removable center top grapple tine. Why? Simple, this gives you the option to run the grapple with a single full width top tine, or as a split tine so the grapples operate independently, by simply removing the 8 bolts and taking out the center section.

Grapples rakes are excellent for raking up and grappling shallow roots, brush, debris and logs.

Up to 110HP


66"-$3200 (910lbs)

72"-$3,300 (960lbs)

78"-$3,400 (1,010lbs)

84"-$3,500 (1,060lbs)

☆OPENS 50.5"

☆100% USA made

☆2"x10" cylinders

☆cylinders rated at 4,500psi

☆1/2" steel construction

☆removable bolt in center grapple section

☆replaceable 230 series bucket style teeth

☆6,000psi USA made parker hoses

☆1" pins and bushings at all pivot points

☆countersunk grease fittings at all pivot points

☆completely enclosed hoses

☆universal skidsteer hookup

☆rated up to 110hp

☆1 year warranty

Xtreme Grapple rake: Product
Xtreme Grapple rake: Pro Gallery
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